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McKasson & Klein LLP practice areas encompass both business transactions and litigation. We have years of successful and dedicated experience in the fields of commercial disputes, sophisticated business agreements, employment, maritime, international arbitration and intellectual property.

Our clients include product manufacturers, service providers of all kinds, doctors’ practices, vessel owners and charterers, P&I clubs, freight-forwarders, private schools and non-profit organizations.

Located in California, the firm has a wide California client base and is a boutique firm for international clients. As globalization has increased, so has business and law transcended international borders. McKasson & Klein has adapted and thrived with these changes and stands ready to meet its clients’ goals—wherever those goals and clients may be located.


The firm’s history and philosophy can be traced to a fortuitous meeting between founding partners John McKasson and Neil Klein in the mid-1990′s, and then working together as co-counsel on a large commercial dispute involving parties in China, Peru and the US, which resolved in a spectacular win for the clients. Based on the success of that collaboration, they decided to leave their respective law firms to start their own practice together in 1997.

John McKasson had been a successful business trial lawyer in Southern California. Neil Klein had immigrated to the United States from South Africa where he qualified as a solicitor and worked for a well-known shipping law firm based in Johannesburg.


In discussing their plans for the firm that was to become McKasson & Klein, they shared their passion for handling intellectually challenging cases while working with smart lawyers in a friendly environment.

McKasson & Klein carefully selects the most talented and successful attorneys to represent clients both in California and around the world with other co-counsel. The partners take great pride as a boutique firm in going up against the biggest and the best law firms, and consistently achieving exceptional and excellent results for our clients.

We believe in hard work, paying personal attention to our clients, and listening to what they would like to accomplish, at an affordable price. After all, our clients are the reason we are in business as a firm. And we do like to win. Every time.