Private schools in the United States, like their public counterparts, are vested with the single greatest responsibility—educating our children. To meet this challenge, schools must be able to confidently and quickly address the many legal issues that can arise on a daily basis. They need immediate and accurate advice to handle problems proactively and efficiently.

McKasson & Klein is proud to be among the very few law firms focusing on education law.

McKasson & Klein is proud to be among the very few law firms that specialize in this field of practice, thanks to Michaël Fischer, a partner at the firm who serves as general counsel to pre-k schools through to universities and who himself teaches and has been recognized as a Distinguished Instructor by the University of California, Irvine.

The legal challenges facing private schools are vast. They range from employment (hiring, benefits, leaves of absence, wage and hour compliance, and terminations), contracts, parent and student issue management, tuition and endowment, drafting and implementation of policies and procedures for parent-student and faculty-staff handbooks, internal governance and administration, and investigation and defense of claims against schools.

Whatever the source of the issues (from students, parents, faculty, staff, administrators, volunteers, government agencies, or the community), educational institutions require specialized counsel. Mr. Fischer and McKasson & Klein stand by to handle these issues effectively so schools can keep their focus on education.