Prevention Through Compliance

Employment Law

California employers are often targeted in sexual or other harassment and discrimination lawsuits by disgruntled employees. These claims are highly contentious and we understand how to defend and protect the accused in litigation.

We also handle wrongful termination claims, which can be equally contentious, as well as wage and hours claims. And we defend our clients in investigations by the EEOC and California Labor Board, including in litigation, negotiation of consent decrees and settlement agreements.

Before litigation, and as a preventative action, we advise clients on a daily basis on their rights and obligations under Federal and State labor and employment laws as to their employees and businesses. We are a phone call away and respond as soon as needed. Businesses have immediate employment needs and require quick answers, and we are always ready to assist.

We prepare employment documents to minimize potential exposure to lawsuits, such as employment contracts, policies and procedures, job descriptions and disciplinary notices. We also help our clients with terminations and severance agreements. And we assist clients in negotiating employment packages and ensuring they are treated fairly on termination.

McKasson & Klein LLP does NOT take contingency fee cases.