Enforcing International Awards

International Arbitration & Cross-border Issues

McKasson & Klein LLP represents clients in cross-border disputes and international arbitrations.

Our attorneys regularly work with foreign clients and their lawyers to obtain evidence (documents and deposition testimony) in the U.S. for use in foreign proceedings, such as litigation and arbitrations, through the U.S. discovery process. This is a key weapon for foreign counsel where they can take advantage of the broad US-style discovery rules for use in their own jurisdictions.

We conduct asset searches throughout the U.S. enforce international arbitration awards in the U.S. under the New York Convention. We can also domesticate a foreign judgment in the US and then enforce it against local assets of the target defendant.

We understand choice of law issues, fights over jurisdiction, and anti-suit injunctions and have appeared as expert witnesses on US and California law in foreign proceedings (U.K., Bahamas and China).